Frequently Asked Questions

Simple Express and Lux Express: routes, timetables, buses, differences

1. Are Simple Express and Lux Express the same company?

Both brands: Simple Express and Lux Express belong to Lux Express Group, which takes care of international passenger carriage, including routes like Minsk – Kaliningrad – Petersburg – Tallinn – Riga – Vilnius – Warsaw – Prague – Wroclow - Berlin. Our coaches also offer services on Tallinn - Moscow, Riga - Moscow and Petersburg - Helsinki route. Information about all connections operated by Lux Express Group can be found here, on this webpage we show only routes operated by Simple Express.

2. Differences between Simple Express and Lux Express buses.

Pictures and description of Simple Express buses You can find here - Simple Express buses, and here - Lux Express buses.

3. What are the routes operated by Simple Express?

From Warsaw and Poznan we go everyday, 7 days a week, 2 times a day, directly to Berlin, Kaunas and Vilnius and from Vilnius to Prague we go at least once per day. Moreover, Lux Express Group offers the most frequent service between all major cities in the Baltic countries and St. Petersburg.

4. Are the departures and arrivals hours given in a local time?

Yes, all hours of departures and arrivals are given in a local time.

5. Where can I find buses timetables and current prices of the tickets?

All the information about prices and bus timetables can be found in our sale system on Simple Express homepage, after choosing dates You are interested in.

6. Where do the buses go from?

You can find here small maps of Simple Express bus stops.

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7. How can I buy a ticket?

You can buy tickets via Internet using an Internet bank or a credit card, directly in our representatives’ offices  or  from an Agent, where Agent’s services fees may be added to the travel ticket fare:

Simple Express and Lux Express  ticket offices (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia)

Sale points in other cities than Warsaw

Sale points in Germany

8. Can I book a ticket and pick it up later? Is there a possibility to pick up a ticket in the bus?

It is possible to book tickets earlier by phone or via e-mail. Please not that You have 24 hours to pay for the tickets, otherwise they will be not valid and booking will be cancelled. For these tickets, You can pay via phone (if You have credit card) or by coming to our Customers Service Office.

There is no possibility to pick up ticket from the coach. Please note that on international lines, only valid travel document is needed to board the bus. However, there is possibility to buy tickets from coach if there are free seats available (except on Russian territory or from coaches with Russian register number)

9. Can I get an invoice for purchased ticket?

Yes, if You need an invoice, please send as an e-mail with all the data for the invoice to the following address info@simpleexpress.eu

10. We would like to travel in a bigger group, is there any discount for groups?

If You are planning to book the journey for a group of people, please write us an e-mail.  The possibility of group discount depends on size of the group, season and many other factors. We will consider each case individually and prepare a personalized offer.

11. Are there any discounts for children, students, pensioners?

In Simple Express buses we provide discounts for children up to 11 years old. Children up to 4 years old have a 80% discount, children in the age of 5-11 are entitled to a 50% discount.

In Lux Express buses discounts are provided for: PINS level 1 - 15%, PINS level 2 - 30%, PINS VIP - 40%, Children up to 5 years old (-50%) children up to 12 years old (10%), Young people in the age of 13-26 (10%), pensioners over 60 years old (10%). If You want to use a discount during the purchase in the Internet, fill up the date of birth and mark an option, that You are entitled to the discount in the field „No discount“.

12. First 5 ticekts cost 3 EUR – how does it work?

We open our sales system six months in advance, everyday, all first five tickets for each departure that are bought from the internet, will cost 3 EUR only. Please note that  these tickets are available only for routes without transfers. For example November 2nd You can purchase the ticket for May 2nd, November 3rd – for May 3rd etc. More informations can be found here.

13. Changes on the ticket: name change

Price for name change is 2 EUR for each ticket. In some cases, client must also pay the price difference between original and new ticket if the new ticket is more expensive.If you want to pay for changes, this could be done in Customers Service Office, via phone (when You have credit card) and with invoice (In case there are more than 2 days till departure).

14. Changes on the ticket: date change

If You bought a ticket for a standard price, the first date change will be free of charge, but if it’s a promotional ticket, You will have to pay price difference to the standard fare. Price difference can be paid in Lux Express sales offices or via info phone

15. Changes on the ticket: route change – can I get on/get off the bus in a different place than the one on the ticket if it is on Simple Express route?

Route change as well as departure or arrival place change in a single ticket is impossible, because of our rules – this are two, totally different routes. According to art. 3.5 of our rules „When buying Travel ticket Passenger must submit the following minimum required information to Carrier: Passenger’s first and last name, phone number, desired date of travel, place of departure and destination, as well as departure time.“ However it is possible to change departure and arrival stop within one city, for example from Warsaw Dw. Zachodni to Warsaw Dw. Centralny. In such case we ask You to contact our Customers Service Office.

16. Ticket return – can I and how can I return the ticket and get a refund?

According to our regulations promotional tickets are not refundable, and for those, purchased for standard price, we refund 80% of the fare. You can refund the ticket at least 9 days before the departure (7 days between the date when You cancel the journey and the date of departure). To do this, please send us the information to the following address: info@simpleexpress.eu.

17. I did not recieve the confirmation of successful purchase, but money from my bank account/credit card were taken. I have given a correct e-mail address.

In such case we ask instantly to contact our Customers Service Office by phone.  If  you see that  Customer service work hours are over, you will be directed to our 24h Customer Service Office - contact is possible in English and Russian. We are also replying to emails, but in such critical matters, we suggest contacting us through phone for a faster solution.

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18. What documents should I take with me? Does the child have to have a Passport?

Adults as well as children are obligated to have a valid travel document, which allows them to cross the border: ID card or Passport. If You are travelling to a country, where visa is required (for instance Belarus or Russia) make sure, that You have a valid visa for the journey. Having necessary documents, which allows You to travel is the responsibility of the passenger. If You want to get more information, please read our regulations. Please note that residence permit alone IS NOT valid travel doument

19. Will I get the information, when something will happen with my bus, for example it will be delayed or it will be out of order?

All the information about Your journey (delays, cancelations, change of buses) You will get via SMS on Your phone number. About delays we inform our Passengers, when it’s longer than 15 minutes.

20. Can I travel from Warsaw to Poznan or from Kaunas to Vilnius?

No, because Simple Express serves international journeys, the only exception is Estonian internal routes, where is possibility to travel between Tallinn - Narva (or back) and Tallinn - Tartu (or back)

21. How boarding looks like while I get on the bus? What do I have to show to the bus driver?

Boarding is mainly baggage drop-off and checking Your valid travel document: ID Card or Passport by a bus driver. You do not have to print out the tickets neither write down reservation numbers. Bus driver is holding passengers list, places are numbered and named so You are going to be sitted on your own place.

If You have a connecting trip, tell the driver about that because in case of need he will contact the driver of the bus which You have to get in during the bus change.

22. Are the seats numbered?

Yes, seats in the bus are numbered. The seats with even numbers are located on the aisle side. The seats with odd numbers are located on the window side.

23. Stops during the journey

About possible additional stops during the journey, except the regular bus stops, decide drivers. If the actual time of the journey allows making such stop, then it is possible. If you are planning to exit from unregular stop, please make sure to ask possibility of this whish from driver when you are entering the coach and starting your journey.

24. How much luggage can I take? What should I do if it’s bigger or I have more than it is allowed?

On Simple Express buses board You can take one piece of hand luggage weight not more than 5 kg, which does not exceed the size of 45 × 35 × 20 cm (length – width – height). In addition to hand luggage a Passenger is allowed to take one piece of luggage (for example a bag or a case) free of charge of weight no more than 30 kg and which does not exceed the size of 70 × 30 × 55 cm (length – width – height), which is accommodated in a luggage compartment of the coach. Luggage is accommodated in a luggage compartment and then handed back to the Passenger by the coach crew.

Passenger is allowed to take more than one permitted piece of luggage (for example a bag or a case) if there is enough space available in the luggage compartment and the coach crew agrees to accommodate it. Acceptance of larger amount of luggage is decided upon by the driver at the spot, depending on the situation. Passenger will not be charged extra for that.

25. Animals

Pet carriage is prohibited on Simple Express international routes. On Estonian national routes it is allowed to carry small domestic animals or birds in special transport cages. In such case an additional ticket with the same value as the passangers should be bought for their transportation. Please note that pets must be accompanied by a responsible passenger.

26. Bicycle – can I take it  with me when traveling by Simple Express

Bicycles are transported in the baggage compartment upon the existence of free space. The front tire of a bicycle which is transported must be detached. The front tire and the bicycle must be packed separately.

27. I have a ticket from Poznan to Vilnius, can I get on the bus in Warsaw?

No. According to our selling system and company regulations, these are two different routes. Beside this, ticket from Warsaw to Vilnius has different price. Bus stop change is possible only in the same city – for example: You can change the stop Central Warsaw to West Warsaw. In this case, You should inform our Customers Service Office.  Your  ticket will have additional note that will allow You to change the place to get on board/off the board.

Other useful informations. If You have Your own suggestions please let us know at: info@simpleexpress.eu

28. Contact with Simple Express. What is the fastest way to get in touch? Is it possible to contact 24h a day, for example – when I have a bus at 3AM?

You will find all Customer service working hours and contact information from here:   When your chosen office working hours are over, you will be directed to our 24 h Customer Service office – spoken languages are English and Russian.

29. Can I send a package using Simple Express?

Simple Express does not provide postal services.

30. I am late on my bus, can I get a refund for unused ticket or reschedule it?

No. Making any changes is possible only before bus leaving. Refund for unused tickets is not possible.